The Fun has Just Begun!

Well, I've finally created my online store with Shopify, WOOHOO!! And I posted my first product for sale. It's a tote bag designed with an illustration I did a few years ago. It's the word "JOY" made from evergreen branches with some added red holly berries.I created it with colored pencils and ink. It's PERFECT for the holidays and to spread joy around all year long. No matter where you go! It's great as a leave-behind gift bag when visiting friends and family during the Christmas season. Of course I had to throw in that marketing pitch. LOL. Let me know what you think!

Well friends and patrons, I don't know where all of this is going. I hope somewhere fabulous! But I am determined to create my life the way I want it to be. Even at my age..hush. : ) Utilizing my experience, talents and strengths. I am committing myself to no less than 15 minutes a day to work on the store and my artwork/designs. Usually working on it after my day is done around 11:30pm. I'm still learning the Shopify interface and all the features it has to offer. So far I like it and all of the functionality. I had planned on using WIX for my e-commerce store but decided that Shopify was better in the long run. Well, we'll see how it goes. This is uncharted territory, and I am very excited about what lies ahead. Trying to stay positive and unencumbered by my self defeating thoughts and negativity.

Enjoy the Ride!
Peace out,
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